An alternative to night vision pi camera using infrared LED.

Introduction :

Nowadays, Pi camera very popular in the market.
Also Raspberry pi very popular for IoT application.
This blog is very helpful who develop face recognition system and want to identify an object in
darkness and also provide the cheapest solution by developing our own Night Vision device.

Pi camera useful in following Applications :

  • Surveillance
  • Face or Number plate recognition/detection system,
  • Recording Video,
  • Capturing Images etc.

In above application Pi camera capture proper images during healthy light condition only.
If you develop Face recognition/detection system at that situation you need to take care for Image quality, threshold, and dimensions.

Here some of the test images captured as per Light condition.


Here we consider 3 worst case scenario. (because we understand in healthy/Full light condition Pi camera perform very well )


So, In Day Time image light is very mild. The image is little brighter and the scene does not present very contrasting elements.

Evening Time image light is low but image contrast is more.

But in Night mode, We can distinguish the bushes (located about 15 meters) and the hedge (about 30 meters). The image contains a lot of noise.

For overcoming this problem We need to use Night Vision camera for better Vision and identification of objects if we develop face recognition system.

Architecture :



Hardware Development :

Step: 1

Place all of your LEDs into your circuit board such that the anodes and cathodes line up in a row. Once they are all placed, insert the LEDs through the holes in the lid from the inside out.

Bend down the first row of LED leads in the same direction and solder them all together in a single row. Repeat this for all consecutive rows.

Using wire, attach together the three rows of anodes with black wire.


Step: 2

Attach 220-ohm resistors to each of the three rows of cathodes.

Connect the other ends of the resistors at a single point and solder them all together with the red wire from the 9V battery clip.

Solder the black wire from the 9V battery clip to one of the rows of anodes.

Here, Plug n Play mechanism is Ready. You can also place a switch.


Step : 3

After PCB pack in a case. You may also make your own custom case shapes like Circle, Square or Rectangle.


Step: 4

You have to remove the IR filter from the pi camera.
Kindly follow below Video Link :


Test Image :


Conclusion :

The main purpose of developing Night Vision camera :
– The cost will be reduced when you made up your own night vision device.
– The cameras using IR LEDs have good sensitivity.
– IR LEDs specifically have a lower consumption rate and longer lifetime.
– It is possible to take pictures at night time without disturbing the environment.

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