Weather Monitoring using Raspberry Pi


  • The use of micro-processor is tremendously increasing in the era of smart and connected world.
  • The goal is to remotely measure the weather parameters by leveraging the IoT technology.
  • Use case focused on heterogeneous communication medium such as I2C and GPIO pin etc.
  • Use of low-cost (commodity) hardware using IoT technology for the weather monitoring.
  • Enabling the real-time monitoring of the weather parameters.


Experiment Setup

Hardware, Tools and Technology Used

Hardware used:

Technology (library) used:

  • Node.js- A Lightweight scripting language with small memory footprint
  • Node dht-sensor module* for reading temp. and humidity value
  • Node raspi-sensors module** for encoding interaction for pressure sensor
  • Node bh1750^ module used to measure the light intensity value

*Node-dht-sensor module is available at

**Node raspi-sensors module is available at

^Node bh1750 module is available at

Result (1/2)

Raspberry Pi console: Monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light Intensity

Result (2/2)

Raspberry Pi console: Monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light Intensity

Future Direction

  • The current scenario display weather parameters in terms of raw data. The immediate future plan could be providing the real time visualization of the weather parameters.
  • Identifying the other possible list of weather parameters with corresponding sensors also.
  • Enabling the analytics (forecasting) or prediction using the Machine Learning algorithm.
  • Measuring the accuracy of the weather parameters with other weather services such as Yahoo Weather Service.
  • Is it possible to leverage the power of open source forecasting model to enable the forecasting (useful in case of lack of domain knowledge/expertise)???


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